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Become a Design Super Star with our Amazing *** 3-part Journey of design courses ***

  • Are you taking strain during our current lock-down?
  • Are you concerned about your finances?
  • Have you always wanted to tap into graphic, web or video design?

If you said yes to all of or one of the above, we have some great news for you!
For a limited time only, we are offering first course (Journey 1) absolutely FREE.
With the lock-down upon us, and time on your hands, you can start working on
your creative skillsand future finances.
Don’t waste any more time stressing, sign up now!!

Join Rudolph (your online trainer)
On this amazing, creative, fun and income-generating Journey!


What to expect when you sign up for Journey 1

  • Basic Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Logo and business card design
  • Flyer design

At ofcourseyoucan.com we have a digital game board that we like to call ‘Your Journey’. How far you go on your journey and at what pace is completely up to you.

Click on image to enlarge board

About Rudolph, your online trainer

Rudolph has been involved in training for over 22 years, running in-person on-site and public sessions for organisations around the world. His training methodologies are built to make it possible for you to apply the learnings and get to work as soon as your training is completed. His training is outcome based, which means you will be able to deliver on a project straight after each session.

In 2009 he decided to open a creative agency to ‘practice what he preached’ and has been running this agency successfully to date. He has worked with reputable brands to create anything from corporate identities to brochures, posters, websites and eCommerce platforms.

When he started planning Of Course You Can he decided to take the best aspects of the training and bring it into a superb creative journey to make it possible for you to start your own creative journey. Everything you will learn is time tested and has brought great success to all his trainees.

He has extensive experience in design as well as web development and coding and will help you through all potential stumbling blocks so that you have a clear understanding of the whole creative process, from planning straight through to delivery.

Rudolph has a degree in Information Science and holds his Adobe Certified Expert qualifications in InDesign. Apart from these he also has a Masters’ Degree in eCommerce, Certified Internet Webmaster qualifications and is a registered CIW trainer.

Rudolph is a fun, yet professional training, and you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time! Enjoy the Journey!

Of Course You Can is a…


“Thanks so much for Journey 1. Even though I’ve been in the industry for 25 years, I found it thoroughly informative and worth watching. So much of the new stuff and it’s integration with each other that we don’t usually bother to look at because we feel so comfortable with the old ways we’ve been working in for so long. Really enjoyed seeing how dynamically all these programmes work together. I look forward to participating in journeys 2 and 3 and recapping on the digital and web sides. Thanks Rudolph for the simple way you made everything come together.”  – Andrea Willmore, Freelancer

“Being in the medical industry, I had no clue about creativity and or that I had any! I rely on service providers to outsource my requirements to. After doing the course, I have been able to apply my knowledge to the design and layout of my presentations. Hopefully after doing journey 2 & 3, I will in time be able to take over the design and updates for my digital marketing and website. This has given me the perfect in-house solution.” Justin van Rooyen, Compass Medical

“I am studying to be a Graphic and Web Designer, and I freelance on a very junior level. I was blown away by the course! It’s even better than the course I am currently attending and I cannot wait to share this with my fellow students, so that they too can experience the WOW factor of Of Course you Can. I didn’t know half the things they have shown me I can do and love the industry even more now. Happy to say that I will hopefully have shortened my time frame to jump to mid-level freelancer soon!”  – Stephanie Brand, Freelancer

“I have an event background with experience in marketing and communication but have never quite understood the design lingo and creative world know-how, to be able to create my own marketing and event collateral or that of my clients, and so always outsource. I now can save time, money and energy by doing these things myself. The course is unique, easy to understand, and AWESOME on so many levels! I feel so inspired and cannot wait for the next 2 journeys!”  – Kerrie-Lee Brand, In Any Event Productions

“This is the best creative training online course! I was impressed with the course name since it really inspires you to achieve more than the potential you thought you had. The content was well thought through and each step of the journey explained well. I really like the idea of the “creative journey map” that gives you a visual outline of what you will learn as well as the cards you can match to each completed lesson. Basically, the web layout was very nice to work with visually. The videos are fabulous and just the right length, an excellent integration of the facilitators voice in the videos that added a “personal touch” to the journey as well an easy navigation path throughout the journey on the website. The concepts and lesson planning with all the tools needed were clearly explained and easy to follow. I am hooked on this course. Once you start time just flies! I can’t wait for journey two and three! The OCYC team are helpful and supportive. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creative skills and knowledge with me. Like I said, the best online journey I have been on so far!”  – Jeanine Swart, Freelancer

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