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Are you an editor or layout artist of a school newsletter or newspaper, or do you just want to know what it means to work in block design or layout?
This one day course will show you everything to do with layout, from page structure to creating booklets, books, posters, annual reports and much more in Scribus. Learn about image resolution, colour spaces, placing images for layout and using Scribus to draw vector graphics. If you’re an editor we’ll show you how to navigate Scribus documents easily in order to make text corrections or work with the “Story Editor” to make quick changes. We’ll also take a look at style sheets, and text effects. If you haven’t been working on Sribus this course will show you all you need to know to be able to do it all yourself!

What you will learn

• How to use Scribus as a layout program and publishing digital documents with animation
• How to do magazine and newspaper layouts. Export for email, print or web from inside the program
• How to create brochures and annual reports
• Bringing images into your documents. Create final print ready PDF’s and images for HTML newsletter
• Image resolutions for print and digital