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Congratulations on taking this incredible leap of faith in yourself… This journey is not just for people with a talent for design.
Our goal is to enable you with tools, the know-how and sharing our knowledge… and well, we all know that knowledge is power!

You see hundreds of brands, magazines, websites and videos every day… in fact you are bombarded with them… this journey is about discovering how they work, how they are created and the tools that make them what they are.

During your journeys we’ll provide you with various ways of being creative whilst slowly preparing you for any design challenge. If you think you’ve never had any creative ability, then fear not… there are ways to create incredible work without a lot of talent – this is not only for Creatives!

For those of you with a knack for design, there are tutorials that will show you how to harness those skills properly to become better and wiser.

From this moment onwards, we would like for you to put your trust in us… don’t stress about not being able to do something… or worry about whether you will excel during this process.

JUST take our hand and focus on having the time of your life!

There is no shortage to what you will learn, from creating a logo, a poster, a web story to creating magazine layouts, animated brochures and working in the third dimension.

How about learning about the mobile design revolution where every minute of every day, everything you see, everywhere you go and everyone you meet becomes a potential inspiration for your next design through the magic of mobile apps and Creative Cloud?!

And later, creating easy websites with pure coding or with applications like Muse. How about building a web content management system with WordPress and advertising your website, learning how to bring traffic to it?!

How about video editing right there and then on your cell phone and taking it further to continue editing on your computer?! And what about Character animation… Ever dreamed of creating a cartoon? Your journey will have it all.

You might be here today, having decided to take some of the design work at your company in-house or you are looking towards maybe one day having your own company and establishing your own brand. After your initial journey you will feel empowered to do anything. And should you still wish to work with a creative agency you will now at least understand their lingo, way of working and the possibilities available to you and to them.

We are truly beyond excited to have you on board. For you, everything is about to change… You will see the creative world through a new set of eyes. Good luck… and remember, above all else just have a blast!