Starter pack

If you have already sign up to commence your Journey, Congratulations!
You will need your starter pack that consists of Your Journey game board and your topic / session cards.

To make it easy for everyone’s needs and budgets, we have provided you with three different options to access these items, please see below…

If you have not yet signed up, you can still view the cards and board via this page, this will hopefully entice you to sign up and join our community!

Option 1: Download to print at a printing service provider
You can have the items printed at a printing service provider near you. Here are the specs for the printer in order for them to print your board and cards to actual size. This option is however a little more pricey than option 2 below – but is the preferable option for you to get the full Journey experience!

  1. Download the printable board here DOWNLOAD
  2. Download the printable cards here DOWNLOAD
  3. Be sure to take these printing dimensions with you to the printer:
    BOARD: The board is 3 x A4 connected spreads, with the next 3 x A4 printed back to back, it has 3mm bleed. The 3 spreads come to 891mm x 210mm
    CARDS: The cards are 100mm by 100mm also with 3mm bleed

Option 2: Download and print at home
You can print the board and cards on your own printer. The board is broken up into A4 printable pages that you can join together yourself. The cards, 6 on each A4 page, are easy to print and then cut out – these are a little larger than the actual card size, but this option is less expensive than option 1.

  1. Download the printable board here DOWNLOAD
  2. Download the printable cards here DOWNLOAD

Option 3: Download and keep it digital
And for those of you that prefer paperless work stations, we have the downloadable option. Be sure to keep all of your Of Course You Can items in one space, for ease of reference!

  1. Download and save the interactive board here DOWNLOAD
  2. Download the cards here DOWNLOAD