What you will learn

Journey 1

Have you ever wondered if you have the ability to create something out of nothing? Whether it be a birthday card, a flyer or poster; or whether you have been dreaming about creating your own logo and/or business card.
Maybe you have an idea that you would like to express visually.
Maybe you want to create a wedding invite or guest information website. Or maybe you want to be the next eCommerce tycoon…
We are here to fill in the gaps to all those “what if’s”, because guess what?… Of Course You Can!

Journey 1 - Trailer

Part 1: So you think you can’t create? – Of Course You Can!

1.1 Creativity, the x-factor and your journey into the world of your own creations!
1.2 Who are you? Who are we? What you are about to discover. TRUST US, together we can!
1.3 The software you will need and use. Your budget and journey board (Our case study)
1.4 WTF are they talking about? (Chapter 1) – Creative Cloud and software
1.5 A brand and a logo (What makes a great logo) / Starting a brand or business from a creative perspective
1.6 Diving into your first creation with Adobe Spark
1.7 Let’s take your journey to the stage and showcase your creations (My creative profile)

Part 2: What’s in the toolbox?

1.8 Software Dive: Creating a logo, business card and poster in Adobe Illustrator (Our case study)
1.9 Free software alternative: Creating a logo, Business Card and Poster in Inscape (Case study)
1.10 Life is a beach! Having fun with Adobe Photoshop (Our case study)
1.11 Having fun with your photos using GIMP – free software alternative (Our case study)
1.12 Me? Build a web story? Of Course You Can (Creating a website story with Adobe Spark)
1.13 An App a day, makes the creativity stay! (Phone, tablet, mobile devices etc.)

Part 3: That was Easy… Can I have more? Of Course You Can!

1.14 Now I can do this, but can I make some money at the same time?
1.15 What’s next? (Behance account, previews, courses, Talent Tank & webinars)

Of Course You Can Sample Lesson

Journey 2

In the second part of your journey we help you build a full brand, from conceptualization to design of your logo, brochures and banners.
Next up we have a look at digital media and turn your creations into electronic masterpieces.
Oh, and did we mention we’re going to show you how to make things move as we dive into animation?!
We end off this part of your journey by publishing your brochure or magazine online and teach you how to send it out to your clients using Mailchimp.

Journey 2 - Trailer

Part 1: Now that you can create, let’s begin!

2.1 Previously on Of Course You Can (Part 1, Course 1)
2.2 Who are you? Who are we? What you are about to discover (Adobe plus free software alternatives)
2.3 Diving deeper into the Cloud! (Adobe Creative Cloud software work flows)
2.4 WTF are they talking about? (Chapter 2) – I want to take my design work ‘In-house’ to save money and give myself a raise!
2.5 Taking your own photos and processing them with Adobe Lightroom

Part 2: Using your toolbox!

2.6 Keep it in-house (Creating brochures, banners and magazine layouts yourself)
2.7 Software Deep Dive: InDesign Pro Skills (The essentials)
2.8 Software Deep Dive: InDesign Digital
2.9 Free software alternative for InDesign: Scribus
2.10 Making my creation interactive! (Digital magazines, digital PDF’s and Adobe Publish Online)
2.11 Mailers and newsletters (Mailchimp, Adobe Spark and Adobe Publish Online)
2.12 The Third Dimension – Adobe Dimension and Photoshop

Part 3: Going all the way

2.13 What about websites and video?
2.14 Your final journey and what you will learn (Project time!)
2.15 Joining us for webinars, Talent Tank and future projects

At the speed of light, we will take you into the cyber world of the internet, showing you how to utilize this amazing technology to promote your business or sell your service or product.
We dive head first into the magical creation called WordPress and show you how to build incredible content management systems. We will show you that this is all easy as pie! We also have a look at SEO, Google Analytics and Adwords to make sure your site is seen.
We end this journey with a basic intro to the magical world of video editing.

We continue this journey with a basic intro to the magical world of video editing right on your mobile device using Adobe Premier Rush. We then showcase industry super programs, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.  We end this journey with Character Animation using your webcam and your own facial expressions!

Get ready for the best Journey yet!

Journey 3 - Trailer

Part 1: Can I create my own website? Of Course You Can

3.1 Previously on Of Course You Can (Part 2, Course 2)
3.2 Who are you? Who are we? What you are about to discover (Adobe plus free software alternatives)
3.3 In the centre of the Cloud! (Adobe Creative Cloud software needed for journey 3)

Part 2: Web design, CMS systems and getting noticed

3.4 WTF are they talking about? (Chapter 3) – The history of the INTERNET
3.5 Creating a quick website in Adobe Spark
3.6 The easy side of coding (HTML, CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver)
3.7 “That was fun”, but hell no, please make it easier! (Using Adobe Muse)
3.8 Planning your website (Adobe UX)
3.9 Content Management Systems – WordPress deep dive
3.10 My site is ready, now what? (Launching your site, Google Analytics, Google Web-master)
3.11 I want to sell stuff! (eCommerce basics, WooCommerce and PayPal)
3.12 Bringing traffic to my site (Google web-master tools, SEO and Google Adwords)

Part 3: Making things move (Video editing and animation

3.13 Capturing video with your phone and mobile editing (Adobe Premiere Clip)
3.14 Editing your videos (Adobe Premiere and After Effects)
3.15 Make my puppet talk! – Character Animation made easy

Part 4: “I had no idea that I can do this all on my own!” But Of Course You Can!

3.16 Sharing your talent on our Talent Tank platform, Behance etc.
3.17 Final quiz and project, joining us for webinars, the Talent Tank and future projects
3.18 In Closing: you are now the Master of your own creative Universe!