What is Of Course You Can?

We can turn you into a graphic, web or video design superstar! No matter who you are!

We have, over the past 2 years, been making our community aware of something huge that we have been working on, and we are finally ready to launch!

We are beyond thrilled to formally introduce you to

Over the last 20 years we have been training numerous individuals and groups across the globe in creative software, especially Adobe, and have developed an AMAZING Journey that encapsulates the highlights of our training.

We have simplified things into a FUN and creative Journey that absolutely ANYBODY can do!

Feast your eyes on what is Of Course You Can, by having a look at our introductory video

What is Of Course You Can?

What exactly is OF COURSE YOU CAN?

OF COURSE YOUR CAN is a digital game board that we like to call ‘Your Journey’. How far you go on your journey is completely up to you.

We introduce a variety of creative concepts to you by means of recorded webinars. These are 1-2 hour sessions where we show you how to work with creative software and enable you with the tools needed to harness your creativity.

Your journey will consist of different levels. With every level reached you will gain a skill that you can utilise. As you work through these levels you will become proficient in web and/or graphic design. In the digital world we live in, an understanding of or having an ability to be able to utilise these tools, is imperative.

At some point in your life you will need to perhaps create an invite for a party; a company logo or website; a concept for a client or a Facebook image for a marketing campaign. By taking the step to begin Your Journey with us, you will be able to create all these things yourself, and in the process save time and money!

How will I benefit from joining the Journey?!

You will…

  • Understand creative design programs & how they work;
  • Learn how to create within these programs: logo’s, brochures, websites;
  • Be able to create posters, flyers, e-invites, websites fast and inexpensively;
  • Learn how to design and edit in Photoshop & Illustrator;
  • Learn how to build full CMS website systems & e-Commerce sites;
  • Learn how to market with newsletters;
  • Know how to drive traffic to your website;
  • Understand how to build your own videos, edit them and share them from apps on your mobile phone;
  • Become a part of the mobile design revolution, where we show you how every second of every day every conversation you have and everything you see and hear becomes part of your creative universe!

If these answer your questions and intrigue you further, we would like to give you 2 fundamental elements of the course FOR FREE!

These would be the Journey Board and the Session Cards. Prepare yourself for an array of colour and exciting visuals!

Click here to see the full layout of the three journeys.

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By now, we hope that we have you sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation to commence with Your Journey…

Have a read through the below feedback we have received from individuals that have already completed Journey 1.

“Being in the medical industry, I had no clue about creativity and or that I had any! I rely on service providers to outsource my requirements to. After doing the course, I have been able to apply my knowledge to the design and layout of my presentations. Hopefully after doing journey 2 & 3, I will in time be able to take over the design and updates for my digital marketing and website. This has given me the perfect in-house solution.” Justin van Rooyen, Compass Medical

“I am studying to be a Graphic and Web Designer, and I freelance on a very junior level. I was blown away by the course! It’s even better than the course I am currently attending and I cannot wait to share this with my fellow students, so that they too can experience the WOW factor of Of Course you Can. I didn’t know half the things they have shown me I can do and love the industry even more now. Happy to say that I will hopefully have shortened my time frame to jump to mid-level freelancer soon!” – Stephanie Brand, Freelancer

“I have an event background with experience in marketing and communication but have never quite understood the design lingo and creative world know-how, to be able to create my own marketing and event collateral or that of my clients, and so always outsource. I now can save time, money and energy by doing these things myself. The course is unique, easy to understand, and AWESOME on so many levels! I feel so inspired and cannot wait for the next 2 journeys!” – Kerrie-Lee Brand, In Any Event Productions

As a LIMITED LAUNCH OFFER, we would like to give you Journey 1 FOR FREE.

To redeem this offer, you will need to please refer 5 of your friends that you feel will benefit and whom you would like to have join you on Your Journey!

And in the spirit of GIVING, we would like to share one of our video sessions on ‘How to build a quick web story/invite’ in Adobe Spark.

See how easy it is to build a web story and a video yourself!

I can’t wait to get started! Tell me more!

By now, we should have you hooked on OF COURSE YOU CAN and hopefully you have signed up and commenced with your Journey!

However, just to be sure we have covered all our bases, we would like to share a few questions from our OF COURSE YOU CAN community that have been answered by the team…

  • Does each topic have a video and how long are the videos? How long would it take to watch Journey 1?
    The duration of the clips all vary. Some are 20 minutes in length and some are 2 hours. You can bargain on Journey 1 having a total duration of 12 Hours. We have indicated on each session what the full length of that session will be. You can find this in the text below the session.
  • In connection to the software needed, is there a list of programs needed to do the Journeys, how to download them, where to download from and the costs involved?
    Yes, we go into software in-depth in your sessions. We will showcase all the packages you will need and also how to acquire them.
  • Are there time limits to the videos being available to me? How long they will be available once signing up?
    All videos will stay on your account for as long as you are a part of the amazing journey. Some videos might get updated and changed after you have watched them, but you will still have access to them should you have any need to refresh your knowledge.

At OF COURSE YOU CAN we believe that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and to be able to have that knowledge, one needs to be enabled. So, let us give you a quick guide around our site, the game board and Your Journey and show you a few features that our community get to access once signed up.

Let's show you around the Of Course You Can learning system

To show you how eager we are to have you on board (literally on Your Board 😊), we would like to give you Journey 1 COMPLETELY FREE!

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Guess what? We have an amazing special offer for the first 50 students to buy the full package.

  • At the moment we are opening our registrations for the full Journey (1, 2 & 3) and only have space for 250 students during this launch phase
  • Journey 1, 2 & 3 combined will normally cost $450.00

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